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From a single product to growing and evolving numerous product lines, we’ve come a long way in making the best infant and children’s toys.  People Co., ltd. was formed in 1982.  Since then, we have created products ranging from rattles and dolls all the way to blocks and bicycles. Loved by children and praised by parents and educators, People continues to develop market-leading children’s toys.  Focused primarily on the Japanese market, People has brought the world their products internationally through different corporate and brand partnerships.   One of their most famous global products being Pythagoras®, or as many have come to have known it as Magna-Tiles® outside of Asia.  Fast forward to 2016, we launched our US-based operations, People Toy Company, to bring People brand products to the global market. As the years have gone by, our core mission hasn’t changed – To encourage the natural development of children. And as the toy industry grows, so do we, and in 2020 we have relaunched better than ever as Toys by People.  With our diligent research and development, we continually improve our products and production methods for the better.  Thus our motto “to make High-Quality Play” accessible to all children around the world” has been added to our vision statement.

We are Toys by People – and we are here for you.


Toys by People creates fun, educational baby and children’s lifestyle products for the discerning parent.  Following our core mission, we assist children in achieving critical developmental milestones through play with our innovative product lines. Our products are developed from a parent’s point of view to help make parenting fun and easy yet they cater to the developmental needs of your little one. We take the research and guesswork out of parenting with our continuous life studies R&D so parents can focus on their families and be present. 

Check out all of our products lines to learn more.

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