Baby Babble Rattle

SKU: BB017
  • 7+ months

    Play along with baby as they toot and shake their way from music to words!


    Help turn baby babbles into baby's 1st words. The Baby Babble Rattle utilizes its two-way mouthpiece to help develop speech muscles and prepare baby ready for their first words.  It comes in the familiar shape of a sippy cup. This playful, two handle training trumpet encourages grasping skills while helping baby develop oral speech muscles as they make music by blowing in or out on the two-way mouthpiece. At first, babies can only control sucking in air. With curiosity and practice, they will be able to better control speech muscles and be one step closer to saying mama and dada. Parents will love it for the easy cleaning ability as the top is removable to wash and sanitize before and after play.

  • Additional Product Details

    • Stimulates oral motor skills to prepare baby for forming their first words
    • Two-way whistle makes musical sounds whether sucking in or blowing out
    • Colorful beads add sound depth and entertain baby during play